Sims 4 No Mosaic/Remove Blur | Remove Censor Mod (Download 2023)

Are you looking for a way to spice up your Sims 4 experience? Are you tired of having the same old sanitized version every time? Well, now there is a remedy for that – introducing the No Mosaic Censor Mod!

Whether you’re a hardcore fan wanting to explore all aspects of the game or just someone who wants to have some more fun with their Sims, this mod has everything you need.

This mod enables you to almost entirely remove blurred areas from NPCs and edit them as per your preferences with custom mods, resulting in an uncensored experience unlike any other. So if things in The Sims 4 were getting too vanilla for your taste, look no further – let’s take a deep dive into what this mod can offer!

Sims 4 No Mosaic or the uncensored Mod:

The Sims 4 No Mosaic Mod is an unofficial mod created by modders that removes the mosaic blur censoring effect from The Sims 4. This allows players to see nudity in game and enables them to create more realistic characters with more detailed clothing and body types. The mod also unlocks the ability to build outdoor pools, which was previously restricted. This gives players greater creative freedom when designing their homes.

The mod is easy to install and use, and it doesn’t require users to download additional software or hardware. It’s also compatible with all versions of The Sims 4, so players can use their existing game saves without any issues.

Benefits of the No Mosaic Mod include enhanced realism and immersion, greater creative freedom, and the ability to create nude Sims. Players can also customize their characters with more detailed clothing and body types, as well as build outdoor pools that were previously restricted.

Overall, the No Mosaic Mod is a great way for players to experience The Sims 4 in greater detail and add a realistic touch to their gameplay experience. With its easy installation process and compatibility with all versions of The Sims 4, it’s a great way to unlock the full potential of the game.

How do you dismiss the blur on Sims 4?

Step 1: Download the Mod

The first step is to download and install the nude mod. You can find it on WickedWhims. Make sure you have your game updated to the latest version before downloading.

Step 2: Installing the Mod

Once you’ve downloaded the mod, you’ll need to install it. This is done through the mod installer. It should be in your main Sims 4 directory. Just click on the icon and select “Install Mods”.

Step 3: Enable Custom Content

After you’ve installed the mod, you need to enable custom content for Sims 4. To do this, go to the game menu and select “Game Options”. Then click on “Other” and make sure that the “Enable Custom Content and Mods” box is checked.

Step 4: Disable the Blur

Now you need to disable the blur in Sims 4. To do this, go to the game options and select “Game Options”. Then click on “Other” and uncheck the “Enable Blur for Naked Sims” box.

Step 5: Enjoy Unblurred Sims 4 Characters

The last step is to enjoy your new unblurred characters! Now you can have Sims 4 characters that look just like the ones you see in real life. Enjoy!

Now that you know how to install a nude mod and dismiss the blur on Sims 4, why not give it a try? You’ll be glad you did! Have fun!

What Doesn’t enable the Sims 4 to remove blur?

One of the most important things that doesn’t enable Sims 4 to remove blur is the fact that it was not designed with nudity in mind. While there are some mods available that allow players to remove blur in certain scenarios, they cannot completely eliminate it from the game.

Secondly, some nude mods may not be compatible with the version of the game you are using, which could cause your game to crash. Lastly, removing blur is only possible through certain user-made modifications and is not officially supported by Electronic Arts.

How to install this new Sims 4 Uncensor mod?

The Sims 4 Uncensor mod is an excellent way to remove the censor bar from your game, allowing you to enjoy a more realistic, immersive experience. Here’s how you can install it quickly and easily in just five simple steps:

Step 1: Downloading the Mod

Go to the Sims 4 Uncensor mod page and click on the download link. This will begin downloading a ZIP file containing all of the files you need to install the mod onto your computer.

Step 2: Extracting The Files

Once the download is complete, extract all of the files contained in the ZIP file. This will create a folder on your computer where all of the mod’s files are stored.

Step 3: Moving The Files To The Correct Location

Navigate to the `Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4` folder on your computer, then move the extracted folder containing all of the mod files into this directory. Now all of the necessary files are in their correct location.

Step 4: Enabling Custom Content

Open up The Sims 4 game, and go to `Options > Game Options`. Select `Other`, then check the box labeled `Enable Custom Content and Mods`.

Step 5: Enjoying Your New Mod!

Once you have enabled custom content, you can fire up your game and enjoy the new mod! You should now be able to see all of the naked Sims in-game without any censor bars.

So there you have it – five easy steps for installing The Sims 4 Uncensor mod! With this great mod, you can finally enjoy a more realistic experience with your game. Have fun


In conclusion, it has become quite clear that the popular mod of removing mosaic censors on The Sims 4 is not currently an available option. We must instead rely on the game’s current story-building options for our playtime excitement and creative endeavors. Additionally, this article hopes to bring awareness of any future potential changes that could come about with the introduction of a censor-removing mod.

While a change to this feature may be unpredictable at this point in time, what seems more certain is that staying informed is your best bet for understanding where tech may lead us in the future. It also reminds us how important it is to seek out ways we can enhance our favorite games and create lasting experiences with them.

No matter what, if you’re an avid Simmer like myself, let’s take solace in the fact that there is still plenty of fun left to be had playing The Sims 4 without needing a mosaic censor mod – at least for the time being!


How to disable censor in Sims 4?

  1. Download the mod from a trusted source.
  2. Unzip the files and install them into your game directory of Sims 4.
  3. Launch the game and go to “Game Options” in the main menu, then click on “Other” and enable custom content and mods.
  4. Go to “Game Options” and click on “Nudity”, then enable the nudity mod.
  5. Enjoy!

How to take off censor in Sims 4?

If you’re a fan of The Sims 4, you may be wondering how to take off the censor. Fortunately, it’s easy! All you have to do is download and install a nude mod.

Nude mods remove the pixelation which blurs nudity in the game, allowing players to customize their Sims as they see fit.

Can you remove the blur in Sims 4 ps4?

Removing the blur in Sims 4 PS4 requires a special mod. The mod, known as the Nudity Mod, is designed to remove any kind of blur from Sims in-game and make them appear more realistic.

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