How to Refresh Snapchat Quick Add?

Do you want to keep up with your friends, family members, and favorite celebs on Snapchat quickly? If so, the concept of ‘Quick Add’ needs to be fully understood. Quick Add is an amazing feature of this popular social media app that allows users to appear in friend suggestions without having their username known. It’s a convenient way for current friends and contacts from elsewhere online or offline to connect, but few people know all of its features!

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the complete guide for refreshing Snapchat’s Quick Add list so that you can discover new connections and stay constantly connected with new people in your life!

How to Refresh Snapchat Quick Add?

What is Snapchat Quick Add?

Snapchat Quick Add is a feature that allows Snapchat users to quickly add friends to their contact list without having to manually search for them. It works by scanning your contacts list, including phone numbers and email addresses, to determine if any of your friends are already using the app. If so, it will automatically add them to your Snapchat contact list.

It’s an efficient way to connect with your friends and start sharing stories without having to search for them each time. Plus, it eliminates the need for users to manually input contact information. Snapchat Quick Add makes it easier and faster to connect with friends on Snapchat. Give it a try today and start making the most of your Snapchat experience!

Step By Step Guide How to Refresh Snapchat Quick Add?

1. Open Snapchat and navigate to the ‘Add Friends’ page by tapping on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the main screen.

2. Tap on ‘Quick Add’ in the bottom right corner.

3. Scroll through your list of suggested contacts and if you no longer wish to keep them, swipe left over their name to remove them from your list, or hit X if they’re at the very top of your Quick Add list.

4. After removing any contacts you don’t want, press “Refresh” in the top right corner of your list and Snapchat will scan for new people to recommend based on mutual friends who are already connected with you.

5. You can also search for contacts using the built-in “Find Friends” option, and add them to your list manually by tapping on their profile photo or username.

6. To view more information about each contact in your Quick Add list, tap on the refresh icon at the top right corner of the screen.

7. From here you’ll be able to review the number of mutual friends you both have and any active stories they’ve recently posted.

8. Once you’re content with your updated list, tap on ‘Done’ located at the bottom right of your screen and Snapchat will save all changes made to Quick Add since its last refresh.

9. You can also share your Quick Add list with friends by tapping on the ‘Share’ icon in the top right corner of your screen.

10. If you have any contacts that you’d like to add to your Quick Add list, tap on their name and select ‘Add to Quick Add’ from the pop-up menu that appears.

11. To view only recently added contacts or those who have requested to be added to your list, tap on the ‘Recent’ tab located at the top left corner of your screen.

12. Once you’re happy with all the changes made, press ‘Save Changes in the bottom right corner, and Snapchat will refresh your updated Quick Add list.

13. If you ever want to remove someone from your Quick Add list, press and hold on to their name for a couple of seconds until the pop-up menu appears again, then select ‘Remove from Quick Add’.

14. To view all your contacts in one place, tap on the ‘All Contacts’ tab located at the top left corner of your screen.

15. That’s it! Now you know How to Refresh Snapchat Quick Add in 15 Step By step process complete the guide! Enjoy using Snapchat with your friends and family and stay connected!

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